Fees and Bursaries

Early Years Schedule of fees 2018/19

Please note; Pupils may join in the term in which they reach their third birthday.  A minimum of three mornings per week applies to 2 year olds and a minimum of five morning per week applies to children from the term following their third birthday.

Morning sessions are from 8.30am - 12.45pm and include lunch and snacks.

Kindergarten (age rising 3 and 3+)

3 mornings £919 per term
4 mornings £1,232 per term
5 mornings £1,565 per term
Full time £3,130 per term

Additional combinations of sessions are available by arrangement

Pre-Reception (age 4+)

5 mornings £1,565 per term
Full time £3,130 per term

Additional combinations of sessions are available by arrangement

Reception (age 5+)

Full time £3,130 per term

Belmont School offers 15 hours a week of Free Early Education for children from the term following their third birthday until the term following their fifth birthday. Your fee account will be amended accordingly by subtracting this funding (which is in the region of £700-£830 a term) from the total fee.

Other charges

Additional sessions (one morning or afternoon) £32 per session
Breakfast (7.30 – 8.10) £12 per day
Early Birds (8.10-8.30) Complimentary
After School Club (3.20-4.20pm) £6 per day
Early Years’ extended day care including 5pm supper (4.20-6.20pm) except Fridays £24 per day

Additional sessions and day care must be booked at least 24 hours in advance

Employee childcare vouchers and tax free childcare vouchers are accepted against the cost of all childcare charges for pupils aged 5 and under.

Schedule of Fees for Year 1 and above 2018/19

Year 1 & 2 £3,670 per term 
Years 3 & 4 £5,150 per term 
Years 5 & 6 £5,240 per term
Years 7 & 8 £5,310 per term 
Years 9 & 11 Fees applicable from 2020

Schedule of Fee for Boarding/after school care 

Regular boarding 1 night per week

£545 per term 

2 nights per week £1,080 per term 
3 nights per week £1,565 per term 
4 nights per week (Monday – Thursday) £2,030 per term 
5 nights per week (Sunday – Thursday) £2,255 per term 
Flexi-boarding £55 per night 
Day boarding (to 8:00pm) £28 per day 
Breakfast £12 per day 
Extended day care (up to year 2) £6 per day 

School Minibus Service2018/2019

Route 1 A.M. Dorking – Wescott - Belmont £115.00 per term 
P.M. Belmont – Westcott - Dorking £95.00 per term 
Route 2 A.M. East Horsley- Merrow – Gomshall - Belmont £140.00 per term 
P.M. Belmont – Gomshall – East Horsley -Merrow £120.00 per term 
Route 3 A.M. Newdigate – The Weald – Belmont £140.00 per term 
Route 4  Monday A.M. Putney - Wimbledon - Esher - Belmont £140.00 per term 
Friday P.M. Belmont - Esher - Wimbledon - Putney £140.00 per term 

Other charges 2018/2019

Registration fee £100.00 (£150.00 EEU or overseas) 
Deposit £500.00 (£1,000 EEU, £2,000 overseas) 
Belmont Individual Learning Support £24.00 per lesson 
Late payment charges £10.00 per week 

All fees, including boarding fees for regular boarding, are billed in advance of the school term to which they relate. Extras are billed in arrears and included on the fee invoice. Registration fees and deposits are based upon where parents are resident when they apply for a place at the school. 

All invoices are due for payment before the commencement of the school term, or on presentation. Should payment not be received by the due date, a late payment charge of £10 per week will be levied until accounts are settled in full. The Bursar has the authority to waive late payment charges in exceptional circumstances. 

Sibling discounts of 10% for the third and 20% for the fourth and any subsequent siblings will be applied to their day fees only. There is also a sibling discount of 50% on the school minibus service for the second sibling. 


The Board of Governors at Belmont School is committed to broadening access to the school by offering to eligible parents means tested financial support with the payment of school fees.

If you would like to apply for a bursary place, then please read our Bursary Policy carefully before contacting the Bursar, Mrs. Claire Candlish on ccandlish@belmont-school.org