Parent Testimonials

This is how our current parents describe Belmont:

  • “The most wonderful school.   Lovely community, friendly parents, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, every child is important no matter their abilities.”
  • “A great, warm and homely school for our son that strikes the right balance between academics and the equally important other parts of education and growing up.”
  • “A wonderful school and fantastic environment for children to grow up in.  A very happy and caring environment.  Head knows every single child, not just by name, but in impressive detail.  Every child is expected to try their best in all aspects of school life.  Turns out happy, confident (not arrogant), well-mannered children.”
  • “Every child flourishes in a different way and at Belmont this is nurtured individually.”
  • “A magical place with a pupil centred approach, where children are inspired to learning…Pupils achieve as they are taught to believe they can be good at anything with hard work, persistence and practice.”
  • “Rural setting with a sense of freedom.  Belmont gives children the opportunity to really be themselves.”
  • “A wonderful school which allows children to return to their innocence in a fabulous environment and pushes each child in an individual way to reach their very best potential.”
  • “A beautiful environment for children to learn in, offering every child the opportunity to shine.”  

Belmont Ambassadors

We are proud that a number of Belmont pupils have become Belmont Ambassadors, representing Belmont in a number of different ways in society.

Current Belmont Ambassadors include;

  • Alice Capsey - England Cricket
  • George Kruis - England and Saracens Rugby 
  • Katie Collis - Medicine
  • Connor Vickery - Drama and Acting
  • Alabama Jackson - Opera and Theatre Director 

We greatly value their continuing support of Belmont.

Alice Capsey"Hi, my name is Alice Capsey and I play for the England Women’s Cricket Team. I started at a village club called Capel when I was 6 or 7 and shortly after got put forward for Surrey. I went through the Surrey age groups and went on to make my senior women’s debut at 14. Since then I have been fortunate enough to sign my first professional contract with my regional team South East Stars and then a year later sign my first England contract. A highlight so far was being a part of my first T20 World Cup, which was in South Africa. I have also been fortunate enough to play in franchise competitions around the world including the Hundred competition here in England and then the WBBL in Australia and WPL in India.

Belmont School gave me the freedom to pursue my love of sport alongside my education from an early age. I was fortunate to be allowed to play in the boys' cricket team and I was encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities which gave me confidence to try new things.

All the staff were brilliant and were a big factor in helping me develop as a young person but also supported my dream to become a professional cricketer!

Belmont allowed me to be myself and create lots of amazing memories, whether it was in the classroom, on the sports field or in the woods, in a safe, happy and caring environment."



belmont ambassadors"My name is Katie and I left Belmont in 2010, after 10 amazing years there. I'm now gradually working my way to becoming a doctor although I've absolutely no idea what kind yet! I can honestly say that I would never be where I am today without the solid start in life that Belmont gave me; the independence and freedom offered allowed me to grow and develop as an individual all round, and to find my taste for academia on my own terms. I feel like I was so lucky to go to a school where staff spotted my thirst for learning, but let me nurture it in my own way, without ever pushing me in a direction that wasn't entirely of my own choosing.

At secondary school I met a lot of other students who had been pushed academically early on, and who lost their passion and drive to learn as a result. The staff at Belmont provided me with every opportunity to stretch myself, without ever making me feel pressured, and I honestly believe it was this approach which shaped my genuine love of learning. It is often said that everyone remembers a single teacher who believed in them, or who made a big difference during their education, but during my time at Belmont I was lucky enough to have teachers like that day after day, lesson after lesson.

I wouldn't change a thing about my time at Belmont, and I credit the school and the brilliant staff there for shaping who I am today, and how I approach life and the challenges it throws at me. Belmont was also unique in giving me a taste for the great outdoors, thanks to the acres of woodland that explore the site, and building dens with friends and whole school walks with Mrs Skrine's dogs are memories that will stay with me forever."

Katie's News:

Katie played in the Women's Varsity Match and was the first woman to score a try at Twickenham for Oxford.  Well done Katie!



belmont ambassadors

Connor Vickery

"If I hadn't been encouraged from an early age to embrace my creativity then I would not be in the privileged position I am today. I have travelled the world, made lifelong friends and found great satisfaction in a career in the arts. I know that none of it would have been possible without Belmont's dedication to nurturing young talent."