Pastoral Care

Belmont is an immensely happy school where boys and girls can be free to play, to laugh, to explore and to discover.  Here, all adults seek to promote the excitement and joy of childhood and adolescence, to preserve the well-being of all pupils, and to model high standards of behaviour, manners and interaction with others which pupils can emulate.  Our environment is one where responsibility, kindness, forgiveness and service are precious values that lie at the heart of our school.

Relationships between staff and pupils, and between pupils themselves are a major strength here, and all staff show a high level of genuine concern for each boy and girl.  We work hard to get to know every pupil and to identify their strengths and weaknesses, encouraging them to develop their own talents and abilities.

All pupils have a Form Tutor, a Head of House and a Pastoral Deputy Head, yet all boys and girls know that they can turn to any adult at any time.  We are a school where all pupils are aware of their responsibilities to look after one another and our environment gives boys and girls space to pursue their own activities and interests in a spacious setting.  This freedom underpins our social environment, which is one of relaxed affability, respect, consideration and happiness.

Positive, trusting relationships characterise all aspects of the school and the ethos throughout is one of tolerance and kindness. There is a positive approach to discipline, relying heavily upon reward rather than sanction. This is highly successful, and our pupils are widely recognised for their good behaviour and manners.  

All parents have direct access by email to every member of staff so that close links can be fostered between home and the school.  There is a daily staff briefing every morning before school so that important messages about any pupil can be relayed effectively.

Prep School Teaching