Art and Design

Through our imagination, we develop our creative nature, our thinking and our visualising skills. At Belmont we believe that every pupil can benefit from an individual art experience, particularly one that offers variety of expression. Each pupil will already have a unique way of viewing the world and therefore will need a unique visual vocabulary to describe it creatively. Our aim is to encourage familiarity with different materials and the confidence to expand an idea in a range of media. Pupils are encouraged to research traditional and contemporary artists, to reflect on their influence throughout history and to appreciate the art of different cultures.


We hold several competitions including graphic design challenges, monthly photography themes and fine art concepts, as well as entering regional and national contests.

Trips and Visits

The department organises a variety of trips throughout the year, including notably to the world’s leading museum of art and design, the V&A and to the National Portrait Gallery. GCSE students enjoy visits to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and a number of local and national galleries to support their portfolio work.

Extra- Curricular

  • ‘Belartis’ Festival

Bi-annually the Art and Design Department puts together a program of creative arts workshops under the heading of, ‘Belartis,’ where pupils and staff spend a whole week in artistic pursuit. This can include anything from messy Jackson Pollock paint splashing to quiet still life studies or Land Art in the surrounding woods. We also invite several guest speakers and creative professionals to demonstrate their skills in interesting workshops, all culminating in exciting exhibitions in our bespoke Belmont Gallery and Theatre.

  • Art and Design Clubs

The department offers a variety of after-school activities that develop artistic pursuit. These change regularly and reflect the interests and enthusiasm of pupils and the staff running them. These have included: Digital Photography, Pottery, Set and Props Design and GCSE Portfolio Development.