Design and Technology

Design and Technology concerns itself with designing products that will improve our everyday lives. Creativity is a fundamental part of Design and Technology. Many designers believe the quality of the initial idea and thought-provoking, innovative design to be cornerstones of every successful product. The creative design and make activities within Years 7-9 seek to develop creativity and confidence in pupils’ ability to think, question, explore, create, and communicate. Combining knowledge and understanding with practical skills, these activities are intended to provide breadth in creative learning and depth in the application of practical and transferable skills.

The skills developed from Years 7-9 are consolidated in Years 10-11, together with new learning experiences, this cohort will apply themselves to practical design projects and exam based technical knowledge.


Competitions make up a significant part of our pupils’ educational journey. Competitions will encourage collaborative efforts and give added value to their learning experience in the classroom. In addition, competitions provide an excellent bridge to enterprise, professional careers, and an opportunity to test design against some of the brightest and best.


Several trips will be planned regarding the design industry and some of the technological advances made through computer aided manufacture. There will be some overlap with the competitions that we run, as pupils will potentially move through heats and finals, where they will travel to compete. Trips provide an important opportunity for our Design and Technology cohort to experience the industry at close quarters and see what careers the subject has to offer.


Clubs will primarily consist of on-going competitions and catch-up opportunities for pupils needing or wanting to complete projects. This is a great opportunity to further enhance any work done in the classroom and can also act as a stand-alone experience.