Creativity, collaboration, communication, problem solving, empathy, persistence, resilience, confidence, listening, reflection. Only a partial list of fundamental learning and thinking skills needed to develop well rounded and able students: all widely explored, supported, and grown through the participation in the Drama curriculum.

The aims of the Drama Department are:

  • to explore narrative – both fictional and non-fiction – and develop skills to present this to a specific audience;
  • to engage with topics, both curriculum and social, to better understand them and to educate others;
  • to develop empathy for those characters we portray of for the audience we deliver our work to;
  • to grow confidence in a range of theatrical practices both on stage and off.


All pupils have the opportunity to compete in the annual talent competition, as well as engage with a range of external events with support of the department.


The school holds an annual trip to a theatre production (usually West End or Tour), whilst senior pupils also have ongoing opportunities to visit fellow schools and theatres in order to experience live theatre and the inner workings of putting on such production.


  • Productions

Belmont produces a Senior show once a year, showcasing drama, music and dance in a full-length production. Directing, choreography, band, lighting, sound engineering, stage craft, make-up and costume are additional avenues for pupils to participate without the need to perform on stage. Open auditions are held for all pupils in all roles and shows are selected to best fit the needs of the student who take part.


LAMDA classes are available to all students throughout the school with any level of experience or ability. Our peripatetic staff offer a selection of classes for both individuals and groups.