Mathematics takes a central place in the core curriculum. The study of Mathematics is important as part of a broad general education and as a foundation for further study. It is also relevant to and useful in the world around us and the present and future lives of our pupils.

At Belmont, we develop a positive and confident attitude towards Mathematics and an appreciation of this fascinating, practical and intellectual subject. Teaching is planned to provide a secure foundation of skills, concepts and essential knowledge. Lesson activities engender an atmosphere of inquiry and encourage independence of thought and flexibility of mind.

Pupils develop a wide range of skills such as computational skills, mental calculations, using a scientific calculator and developing confidence in using and manipulating algebraic expressions. Pupils make appropriate use of technology within the Mathematics curriculum.

Extra-Curricular and Trips

Individual and Team UKMT Challenges are entered annually throughout the school with great success, as is the National Cipher Challenge, which involves breaking a set code each week. Children also undertake trips to the Mathematical Winton Gallery of the Science Museum and the Bletchley Park code breaking centre. Outdoor learning takes place where possible for investigations of, for example, exploring trigonometry and measurement.