In the Music department, we believe in providing the pupils with a safe space where they have the freedom to escape, explore and to be creative. Most importantly the music room is a space where pupils have fun while they are learning!

Class music is taught through listening, composition and performance. A variety of styles are covered, for example, Classical, Indian, Blues, Pop, Folk and World Music. These are taught through learning how to play many different instruments including percussion instruments and singing.

The aims of the Music Department

  • To develop an appreciation of music.
  • To develop music as a way of communicating, inspiring and motivating.
  • To foster and develop the skill of listening.
  • To foster and develop the art of appraisal.
  • To foster and develop the art, skill and pleasure of performance.
  • To develop ability and confidence in performance.
  • To encourage all children to be creative in composition.
  • To introduce music of different cultures and styles.
  • To foster and develop an appreciation of music from different cultures and styles and to celebrate the differences.
  • To foster pupils’ willingness to respond to the familiar and unfamiliar, to experiment and to take risks in the pursuit of creative challenges.

Performance and Extra-Curricular

The focus of the music syllabus is to encourage performance. Belmont pupils love performing and there are regular opportunities for pupils to perform.

Belmont offers a variety of extra-curricular music groups including The Chamber Choir, The Rock Choir, and The Belmont Orchestra.

There are many chances throughout the year to perform, whether in school at our annual production, summer concerts and Christmas service or in the local community.  Music trips are organised and this year, the Invitation Choir visited the O2 and joined 800 other Young Voices in an extravaganza of medleys. Epsom College Music Festival is a favourite too.