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In response to demand, we are delighted to announce that Belmont will expand its age range to 16+ beginning with the first cohort of Year 9 pupils from September 2020. T his is an exciting development and further information will be forthcoming . We
Belmont Swim Team
02 November 2018
The Belmont Swim Team swam for the first time this year at Ripley Court on Friday. It was an amazing effort by all the swimmers and the following came
Girl's Netball
02 November 2018
Year 3-8 Girls Early Morning Netball has been a great success so far this term. All girls in Year 3-8 are invited to join us between 8.15am and 9am
News from the Boarding House
02 November 2018
The Boarders enjoyed Halloween and Bonfire Night by decoration some wonderful pumpkins which have adorned the front step of Feldemore this week. On
Celebrating Diwali
02 November 2018
Rangoon patterns , mendhi patterns and clay diva lamps.
News from the Art Department
02 November 2018
EYFS developing their cutting and sticking skills and creating a group collage inspired by Matisse. Year 8 adding clay to their puppet armatures as
News from Year 1 and Year 2
02 November 2018
In RS this week Year 1&2 found out a little more about the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali, which is celebrated every autumn and is one of the most
Belmont Bulletin 2nd November 2018
02 November 2018
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Trip to Italy
02 November 2018
At the beginning of half term, 40 children and 5 staff enjoyed an exciting visit to the Bay of Naples with day trips to a volcanic crater, to Mount