All Aboard the Belmont Express

30 June 2020

Pupils at Belmont have been busy `All Aboard the Belmont Express’ engaging in workshop-style activities for the last two weeks of term.

Workshops have taken various forms but they have all been designed to teach subjects in a new, creative and fun way as pupils approach the end of the academic year.  There have been practical activities such as making bug hotels, dens, paper aeroplanes and bath bombs to more creative challenges, where pupils have had to consider designing theme parks, games and visitor guides to museums. 

Pupils have engaged in new techniques, such as creating YouTuber style videos, designing comic strips and poems on the story of Macbeth (see below) and putting together an `Express Film Festival’ featuring one-minute films produced by the Seniors.

Art across the year groups has explored different styles including Islamic and Aboriginal to art in the style of Matisse and Banksy.  Similarly, the pupils have explored further afield as their workshops have taken them to different countries.  Year 4 has explored the history of Italy and its impressive buildings whilst Year 3 are studying hieroglyphics, developing their own hieroglyphic alphabets to write personal (but coded) messages.  Meanwhile, Year 1 held their own `Tour de Belmont’ cycle race and built their very own Eiffel Tower as they visited France. 

David Collins, Deputy Head (Academic) says, “We hope the workshops will provide a stimulating way for pupils to engage in their learning.  Teachers have introduced creative ways to teach subjects and we hope the pupils will gain a great deal from the variety of workshops.  It has been a challenging term with many pupils learning remotely at home due to the coronavirus.  Whether our pupils are now back in school or continuing to learn virtually, we hope these last two weeks will be a fun, stimulating and memorable academic finale to this most extraordinary year, and we optimistically look forward to having all our pupils back in September!”

A poem about the story of Macbeth

Leaning Tower of Pisa mosaic
Year 2's Kookaburra Art
Year 2's Kookaburra Art
Making an Eiffel Tower
Early Years' Banksy Art
Yoga in Year 1
Aboriginal art
Year 3's paper aeroplanes
Design a trainer competition won by Hugo
Cupcake competition - winner for Year 5, Connie
Cupcake competition - winner for Year 3, Hannah