Belmont Award and Belmont Challenge

04 November 2020

The Belmont Award, for Reception to Year 4, is a series of fun challenges for pupils to complete.  Each year group has 18 activities to do, which once completed, must be signed and dated by a parent or guardian.  You will receive a Belmont Award once all 18 activities have been completed.  The activities are detailed in the document below:

The Belmont Award

The Belmont Challenge is for pupils in Year 5 and above.  In order to obtain the challenge, pupils must complete up to 10 hours of volunteering, physical skills and practical skills.  Further details can be found in the document below or by contacting Mrs Wigley.

The Belmont Challenge

Although the scheme was launched during the first national lockdown, pupils still have the opportunity to complete their Award/Challenge and now might prove to be the ideal time.

Good luck!