Formula 1 Inspires Design Technology Students

27 January 2020

Belmont School’s Design Technology (DT) students participated in a workshop run by British motorsports engineer, Pat Fry, ahead of taking part in the “F1 in Schools” STEM Challenge.  As well as discussing his career working with Benetton, McLaren, Manor Racing and Ferrari, Mr Fry gave an informative presentation on car design and aerodynamics as well as the potential career opportunities that exist in the motorsports industry.  In attendance were Design Technology pupils from Years 7 and 8 and members of the DT club, “Race to the Line”.


As part of the workshop, the pupils had the opportunity to design their own Formula 1 car.  Using Mr Fry’s advice, they had to consider how to minimise drag, the car’s weight, and the impact of friction on the car.  They then presented their designs back to an audience.


Next month, the boys and girls will design, analyse, manufacture, test and then race miniature compressed air powered cars made from F1 model block.   As part of this, the pupils are due to visit UCL where they will use a CNC machine to make their F1 model, which will be entered into the F1 in Schools competition on the 14th February.


“F1 in Schools” is a social enterprise, which aims to inspire young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, Formula 1, science, marketing, and technology through the appeal of Formula 1. 

Pat Fry and Belmont's DT students
Pat Fry's presentation on car design
Belmont's DT students
Belmont's DT students
Belmont's DT students working on their car designs
DT student presenting car design