International Women's Day

08 March 2022

Mrs Skrine meets with Belmont's youngest pupils

On International Women’s Day, we are celebrating our very own Mrs Helen Skrine.   Helen Skrine has been Headmistress at Belmont since 2006 and is the School’s first Headmistress since its foundation in 1880.  Described by our parents as a “real educator”, Helen Skrine has also held the positions of Vice Chair of the Independent Schools Examinations Board and Vice Chair of IAPS.

When asked in a recent magazine interview what makes a good school a great school, Mrs Skrine responded:

“A great school is not about facilities, numbers, or examination results although these factors play a vital role in providing a great environment.  Beyond these, a great school is one where the culture breeds respect and order, and where ambition lies at its very foundation; in short, a great school is one where every pupil is free to be themselves and to be challenged to their fullest extent.”