Lockdown Learning

12 January 2021

Belmont’s online learning has swung into action once again during this third national lockdown.  Live lessons are being taught through a revised timetable, which includes rich investment in the core subjects.  The timetable not only delivers live lessons from teachers but allows for half hour screen breaks between lessons, playtime and for group activity such as Form Time, PSHE and Assembly to support pupils pastorally and to ensure they continue to stay in touch with their peers.

The remote teaching is being delivered to specific classes, sets or option groups representing an even more targeted and differentiated approach than was offered during the previous lockdown and marks a significant step forward in the School’s ability to target each child at an appropriate level for effective learning.  The timetable has also been designed to ease family life for parents overseeing the operation at home with lessons being held at the same time for the oldest and youngest pupils.

David Collins, Academic Deputy Head, says “We are building on the success of the previous lockdown.  We are pleased that we can offer seven hours per day of online learning, despite Government guidance suggesting schools should offer three to five hours per day.  As well as online learning, we are also offering pastoral care and at the end of each school day, there is time for each pupil to carry out exercise.  We recognise that this is important not only for our pupils’ physical health but for their mental health too.” 

Mrs Skrine, Headmistress comments, “Last September, we were thrilled to see that most pupils, who had engaged effectively with our remote learning programme, had not lost ground and had improved their core skills, and we were able to add breadth and consolidation on their return to school.  It is our intention that this will be the same experience for the coming weeks, and that we shall welcome children back to school as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Belmont delivers lessons through its virtual learning environment and lessons are delivered through Belmont’s live channel (My Learning TV).  All pupils from the age of six years have a device which is useful as an interactive resource during normal schooling, and at times like this, to learn through the virtual learning platform.

The school has remained open for the children of critical workers and for pre-school children, and all pupils are taught within socially distanced bubbles until such a time as they are rejoined by their classmates who are currently working at home. Let us hope that a full return to school can take place as soon as possible.