Head's Welcome

Welcome to Belmont School. 

As the Head of Belmont, I am incredibly proud to lead a school that places the pupils at its heart and since the foundation of the school in 1880 Belmont has provided excellence in all aspects of education, whether that be inside or outside of the classroom. We are a school that cares inherently for those pupils who come here, and we strive to get the absolute best out of everyone who is part of the Belmont community.  

Nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills, pupils and staff alike cannot fail to be inspired and motivated by the environment in which we work, the location is truly stunning, and it is a real privilege to work and live in such a fantastic setting. 

We instil in all our pupils a real sense of ambition, 

Mr Marc Broughton

aspiration and challenge that allows them to be fulfilled and engaged, while at the same time building a deep understanding of the responsibility that they have as part of a community. When pupils leave at the end of Year 11 they go onto the next stage of their lives, aware of their place in the wider world and are therefore able to make rich, valued and varied contributions to it.  

‘Achievement through Happiness’ pervades every aspect of the school and we truly believe that pupils will thrive and succeed when they enjoy and are engaged with what they are doing. It is my sincere wish that all pupils who come to the school are happy, and we will do our utmost to make sure that every pupil, at whatever stage they are at, journeys through school feeling that they can be who they want to be, make some lifelong friends and are able to look back with real fondness on their time here. 

I hope that our website gives you a flavour of what we can offer you and your children at Belmont School, enjoy looking round the site and if you thought that the school looked spectacular on the pages of this website, wait until you see it in person.  

Mr. Marc BroughtonB.A., MEd.