Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism is run by the Geography department at Belmont School with the aim of equipping pupils with the knowledge and skills to be successful global citizens. Our curriculum is not about pupils leaving with a long list of facts about the world; we want our pupils to appreciate the ever-evolving nature of Travel and Tourism as a subject relevant to our local area, the wider national context and globally. Pupils will learn about places that are outside of their own experience, they will develop their understanding of the world’s diversity of environments, peoples, cultures, and economies. In addition, pupils will develop a global ‘open-mindedness’ so that they can challenge stereotypes and understand the fluidity of key ideas and concepts. In their lessons, pupils will view the world objectively and go beyond their everyday experience.

The aims of the Travel and Tourism Department

The Travel and Tourism department aims to provide our pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a popular and expanding employment sector. To achieve our aims, we ensure we provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all our learners and set the highest standards and expectations. We encourage all our pupils to be the best that they can be.

The aims of the Travel and Tourism course are to encourage candidates to:

  • develop and sustain an interest in Travel and Tourism and the issues affecting the development of the industry and its potential effect on employment opportunities;
  • appreciate the importance of the customer to the Travel and Tourism industry;
  • appreciate the importance of host destinations and communities to the Travel and Tourism industry and the importance of sustainable development;
  • appreciate the positive and negative impacts Travel and Tourism may have on people, the environment and economy.


Students taking the BTEC level 2 first award will have the opportunity to visit local tourist attractions, like Chessington World of Adventures, to analyse the marketing and advertising strategies the companies use.


Pupils will be encouraged to join Geoggle Box club to look at how tourism could be affected by current global events.